Interim Manager with a generalist approach and specialist knowledge. Thinks and acts strategically.


Purchasing, SCM, Materials Management, Supplier Management, Technical and Industrial Operations.


Management Level or Project Management in middle-sized companies in the manufacturing industry


Deployment in transformation processes or change situations.


The creation of sustainable structures for a secure corporate future.


Involves stakeholders so that they pull together.


Doer and Innovator. The key to success lies in the communication with all stakeholders.


Globally aligned and with high intercultural competence.


I am globally oriented and act with self-confidence in international corporate units. Successful projects in Switzerland, France, Italy, Eastern Europe as well as in Latin American and Asian countries are proof of my focus. Over the years I have developed a high degree of intercultural competence and have experience in the management of multicultural teams.Besides German and French as native languages, I also speak English and Italian fluently.


Especially in change situations, quick decisions and openness for new paths are decisive – Here I set a good example. My goal is to create sustainable structures that allow the company to operate in safe water again after the transformation or change situation.

Set-up and Redesign of Supply Chain

  • Definition, set-up and control of international supply chain organizations in the industrial B2B sector
  • The achievement of aggressive goals through team motivation
  • Team training
  • Optimization and renewal of the supplier base

Restructuring and Post-Merger Integration

  • Complex restructuring and post-merger integration projects in the international industrial environment
  • Recreation of the industrial footprints

Business Process

  • Identification and implementation of process outsourcing with technical support in the international, industrial environment.
  • Process outsourcing and re-location, core and non-core, to Eastern Europe, China, India and Latin America


As an entrepreneur, I know the challenges faced by international business associations today. That is why I keep the overall result / project always in view, think and act strategically. This also means that issues, processes and structures as well as the meaningfulness of decisions are critically questioned.

I weigh costs and benefits against each other – and can also represent my assessment competently. I have a high level of persuasive power, especially in dealing with top management or the company’s proprietors. As a doer and innovator, I have openness for new paths to offer and keep the company’s sustainable future in mind.


Communication with the people in the company – from the top to the shop floor – is of paramount importance to me. I approach people, listen and have a high power of  persuasion. In this way, I am able to reduce tension and lead the project in a positive and constructive way, particularly in difficult times. My customers profit from this.

Listening between the lines is important, because precisely what is not said often is often the cause of the problem. My creed: Bring people together and ask the right questions. For this I have the right mixture of empathy and experience. As a coach I accompany the employees and teams during implementation.


I have almost 20 years of professional experience and over the last five years I have been a successful interim manager. As a generalist with specialist knowledge, I work in the areas of Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, Materials Management and Supplier Management as well as technical and industrial operations at the management level or as a Project Manager for my clients. And often when it is about change situations or transformation processes. Because difficult assignments are just the right job for me. I have an MBA and was educated in the UK and the USA.